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Tax Services in NEA

Let the professionals at Bookkeeping Solutions of NE Arkansas take the stress out of taxes with our tax preparation and tax planning services. We have the experience you need to successfully prepare for the next tax season. Owner Le Ann Copeland is an Enrolled Agent, ensuring your business’s taxes are handled by an experienced, federally authorized tax professional.

A Closer Look...

Tax Preparation

Are you anxious about filing your own tax returns? Even a simple return may require multiple forms. The instructions often evoke more questions than answers. While a computer software program may help, there’s no substitute for the quality of service you receive from an experienced tax professional. Some of the benefits of trusting Bookkeeping Solutions of NE Arkansas with your tax preparation are:

  • Preparation of all the appropriate forms and record all figures and calculations correctly
  • Ensure that you receive all the deductions and credits to which you are entitled
  • File your return electronically to speed delivery of refunds
  • Work with you to adjust your payroll withholding to make sure you send the right amount to each tax authority - no more, no less
  • Show you how to adjust your finances to take advantage of the tax benefits on future returns
Are you a sole proprietor? Have you been so focused on your business that you haven’t paid close attention to your books? No worries! We’ll tidy things up and prepare your schedule C as part of your personal income tax return. We will then set up an easy system to keep your books current going forward.

Tax Planning

Proactive planning is the key to minimizing your tax liability. Bookkeeping Solutions of NE Arkansas will work with you to pay the least amount required by law. Your unique circumstances will determine the strategies we can employ to maximize the money you keep in your pocket. Contact us today to receive more information about our Tax Preparation, Tax Planning, and troubleshooting services.

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Don’t spend your time handling your business’s finances when you could be serving your customers. You can trust Bookkeeping Solutions of NE Arkansas for professional, dependable bookkeeping services. Give us a call at (870) 573-8116 today to get started!

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